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Ways To Deal With Energy Drainers


You may not be conscious of this, however, when it comes to their forces, there are some aspects you may find about individuals. Our forces tie-up with those of others, and if we are not vigilant, this may make us feel exhausted. If you note that every time you’re around certain people, you start to feel sad, you need to take fast action.

There’s the relentless obligation to act as one, the expectations of employment and personal and family relationships, and the duty to take care of yourself as an adult sucks.

We need a hell of a lot of energy, both physically and psychologically (emotionally), to live and flourish.

So what is worse than someone draining the vitality out of your life and growing your ability to deal with your daily tasks and chores? Yeah, what’s worse is not even understanding why it’s going on and why, and because of that, turning up demotivated, anxious, and even depressed.

How to Know that You are Surrounded by Energy Vampires?

If you’ve already had an experience with a person that made you feel exhausted, drained, or even bad over something that’s not your fault, then you might well have been the victim of an energy vampire.

Energy vampires are very literally those people around you who suck the life/energy out of you, leaving you feeling exhausted, energy-less, and even depressed.

You know, through leaching energy from other people, people working on low energy subconsciously attempt to refresh themselves.

The thing is, an energy vampire is not inherently mindful of what they are doing and, by no fault of their own, could be in an emotionally dysfunctional state.

As with blood-sucking vampires, most energy vampires can’t drain your energy if you don’t ask them to.

You have an independent will: you have a preference as to how much time and resources you should invest in other people and give them. You should and should set boundaries and limits since you are still at a disadvantage at the end of the day if you let someone drain the life out of you.

To learn more about how an energy vampire behaves and what you might do next, read on.

1.They don’t take answerability

Energy vampires square measure usually magnetic. they’ll walk out of hassle once issues arise due to this charm.

They’re guileful and will pin issues on some other person in nearly every scenario.

They ne’er settle for blameworthiness for his or her role in any disagreement or issue. You’re usually left holding the guilt — and probably the blame.

2.They’re continually concerned in some reasonable drama

Energy vampires continually notice themselves within the middle of a catastrophe, flailing from target to focus on with their emotional and dramatic behavior.

They fling this drama on you after they’ve arrived on you, hoping you’ll absorb it, patch it, and correct their car.

3.They continually one-up you

An energy lamia ne’er likes to be outdone, and that they aren’t keen to share the spotlight. This is often one in all their several self-loving tendencies.

They struggle to feel real happiness for one more person. Instead, they like to drag energy to feed their emotional demands.

4.They diminish your issues and play up their own

Energy vampires feed off your emotional energy. And if you’re unhappy or upset, your energy provides square measure dwindling.

To drain the foremost energy from you, energy vampires can shift the eye of the discussion to themselves, turning your dismay into their emotional buffet.

5.They act sort of a martyr

Energy vampires place their issues squarely on the shoulders of others. They take no responsibility for his or her contributions to their difficulties.

What they’re seeking is emotional support to spice up their vanity.


One simple way to deter energy vampires from leeching off you is to discourage them. However, this is not necessarily the safest option, since you may be tossing away any chance to improve yourself in dealing with such a person, and an essential friendship might be at stake based on how close the person is to you.

When the motivation is poor, use avoidance and you really can’t cope with the person at that moment in time.

7.Keep Minimal Eye-Contact With Them

If you experience an energy zapper at work on a regular basis and want to prevent it as effectively as possible, only make direct eye contact occasionally when talking to that person.

This is an apparent sign that you are not hooked by their allure and that their emotionally-charged conversation does not overly interest you.

8. Listen, Don’t Talk

When you are lured deeper into the energy trap, much of the energy you release will come from chatting. Talking takes more energy than listening, and it does not take much energy for a nod or “amen” either.

“Ask open-ended questions such as” how “and” why “to stop discussing too much. Naturally, this would make the other person do more of the talking. Many energy drainers, after all, simply want an ear to crack.

9.Change the Focus of the Conversation

Stick to light-hearted subjects while interacting with an energy-sucking guy. When it gets pessimistic, depressing or upsetting, shift the emphasis of the conversation and neutralize it.

10.Don’t Post Everything on Social Media

A good way to draw energy vampires, specifically the judgmental kind, is to share your life as you live it on social media.

Avoid letting other people through Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram know about your secrets, news, plans, or opinions.

Just post the details for which you are prepared to be criticized; otherwise, hold your fingers away from the segment’ post something.’


In addition, at any given time, all of our friends or family members might transform into an energy vampire, depending on what life throws at them. During an internal crisis, it may be a brief step, or in the case of true disaster or death, a more lasting phase in life.

So instead of ignoring others through intimidation, it is better to stay respectful and helpful while learning how to treat your time effectively.


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